According to Centrica, interest and investment in Battery Storage is on the rise in 2017.  Boston Renewables share this opinion and are actively encouraging major energy users to have their sites evaluated for battery storage.

In a recent article published by the Energyst, Tim Barrs, who leads energy storage sales under the firm’s British Gas brand, said non-domestic users looking to shift loads away from peak price periods and monetise assets via grid balancing services should plan their investments now to beat the rush.

“Battery storage has yet to achieve the widespread ‘bankable status’ that we saw with large scale solar PV”, says Barrs. “But knowledgeable investors are improving their understanding and confidence in revenue streams and I think we will see a groundswell [of investment] by summer.”

The Energyst also details that according to financial advisors Lazard, Lithium-Ion battery costs fell between 11%-24% in 2016 making Energy Storage a more commercial viability. Barrs says “good” battery storage schemes can demonstrate strong returns. A well-managed asset has the ability to run beyond the 10-year contracts Centrica’s Distributed Energy & Power business strikes with customers – and even then, only the batteries themselves may need to be changed. Around 1MW of batteries would take just two days to replace, according to Barrs.

John Hudson – Managing Director of Boston Renewables said “I am delighted to see an upswing in interest in Battery Storage and very encouraged by the positive response we receive from our potential customers.”

Boston Renewables are running a ‘Future Energy’ Workshop on 16th February at their offices at Norwood House, Beverley. The workshop involves helping people understand where the electricity market is headed, how to control electricity bills and also a look at new technologies such as Energy Storage. If anyone is interested in attending please do get in touch on 01482 679757 or email