Over recent years both domestic and commercial users of electricity in the UK have enjoyed relatively low prices, however things are about to change!

Not only is the actual cost of each unit of electricity forecast to increase, Npower and EDF only last week announced eye watering double digit price increases for their domestic customers, but the rollout of smart metering and half hourly billing across industry will bring all users of electricity under the kosh to time of use pricing.

Commercial users of electricity are also not immune from price increases. Wholesale prices are continuing to rise during this winter in part due to the cold weather experienced across Europe but also the weakness in Sterling and a Nuclear crisis in France. According to Ameresco, in January 2016 the cost of electricity was £36 per megawatt and in February 2017 it stood at £48 per megawatt, an increase of 25%! This kind of increase will have an impact on margins within businesses and be passed on to the end consumer, who may in turn buy less goods as a result.

The UK faces huge uncertainty in the future of its electricity supply and prices are only going to increase further. Protect yourself against electricity price increases by talking to Boston Renewables about how renewable and low-carbon technologies can help reduce your business electricity bills, lower your carbon footprint and preserve your margins. Boston Renewables have been at the forefront of the drive to promote renewable technologies to businesses within Yorkshire and further afield in the UK. We provide a turnkey service for the design, planning, installation and maintenance of solar PV arrays and wind turbines. In addition, we offer bespoke energy storage schemes for businesses to benefit from Demand Side Response revenues and reduce the burden of time of use tariffs. Boston Renewables would be delighted to visit your business and provide a free consultation to help aid your understanding of the power of renewables and your ability to control your electricity overhead.

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