On Thursday 29th June 2017, Boston Renewables hosted a highly successful “Future Energy” workshop at its premises at Norwood House, Beverley along with partner Pure Renewables. The idea behind the workshop was to demonstrate to business the value of renewables with particular focus on Solar PV, Energy Storage and Air & Ground-Source heat pumps.

Boston Renewables demonstrated to delegates the power of utilising the Carbon Trust’s Green Energy Fund, which is ideal for SME’s as it can provide a contribution of up to £10,000 towards a renewable project. George Hamilton, BDM of Boston Renewables highlighted that returns on investments of Solar PV arrays now exceed 20% and this could benefit many businesses throughout the north of England. George also spoke about a recent project Boston Renewables worked on for a Garden Centre in North Yorkshire who utilised the Carbon Trust’s Green Energy Fund and how Solar PV is now benefitting their business.

Chris Whitelock, MD of Pure Renewables highlighted to delegates the benefits of air and ground source heat pumps with the use of many recent case studies and provided a valuable guide as to the up to date situation with the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Finally John Hudson, MD of Boston Renewables spoke about the emerging battery storage market and how businesses can derive valuable electricity cost savings via peak time use management and load shifting, as well as receive significant income by providing frequency balancing services to the National Grid.

Boston Renewables urge all businesses with large electricity costs to consider on site renewable generation and battery storage. Whilst Government subsidies for renewables have fallen it is the case that capital costs across the technologies has fallen further and returns are now better than they have ever been.

For those businesses who couldn’t attend the event, but would like their own mini workshop, Boston Renewables can be contacted on 01482 679757 and you can find more information at www.boston-renewables.co.uk