North Grange

Customer: North Grange Farm
Existing on site use: 250,000 kWh P/A
Renewable Generation: 146,000 kWh P/A
Reduction in grid supplied electricity: 17%
Tonnes of CO2 saved: 79T P/A

North Grange is a traditional, family owned, arable farming business that produces wheat and barley for animal feeds, potatoes for use as seed, oilseed rape for processing into vegetable oils and vining peas under contract with Birds Eye.

Family owned farming businesses in the UK have experienced considerable financial challenges over recent years and many have faced an uphill struggle to maintain profitability. North Grange is no exception and so in an effort to generate a diversified income and reduce the farm’s reliance on grid supplied electricity Boston Renewables were asked to undertake a feasibility study for a wind turbine development to work alongside an existing solar pv array.

Site constraints around aviation radar, visual amenity and grid connection were overcome and planning consent for a single Endurance E3120 wind turbine was granted under officers’ delegated powers in December 2013.

Wind and solar power now work in harmony at North Grange to both reduce the farm’s reliance on grid supplied electricity and provide a diversified income from the receipt of Feed In and Export tariffs.


Overall I’ve been very pleased with the work Boston Renewables have done. From the beginning of the planning process through to the commissioning, John and his team have been very up front, honest and professional. Boston Renewables worked hard to ensure the turbine was completed in the shortest possible time and the installation went very smoothly indeed – clearly very well planned!
A very professional operation, with knowledgeable and approachable staff.

Tim Nettleton - North Grange Farm