Westfield Farm

Customer: Westfield Farm
Existing on site use: 400,000 kWh P/A
Renewable Generation: 300,000 kWh P/A
Reduction in grid supplied electricity: 60%
Tonnes of CO2 saved: 163T P/A

Westfield Farm forms part of a modern, mixed farming enterprise. The business produces in excess of 17,000 pork and bacon pigs per year for the UK’s food industry, as well as wheat, barley and oilseeds for both the UK and continental markets.

Recent years have seen an increasing demand from food processors and consumers for ethically sourced food produce. Kingsmill Bakers advertise that they are “Slicing Emissions” and other food processors have similar tag lines. And so the challenge at Westfield was for the business to demonstrate a reduced energy overhead and carbon footprint.

Having successfully won a Planning Appeal against National Air Traffic Services, Boston Renewables installed two 80kW Endurance E3120 wind turbines at Westfield Farm. The turbines were installed under Ofgem’s capacity extension system to ensure the maximum benefit from the Feed In Tariff scheme, one in October 2014 and the second in March 2015. The majority of the annual generation of circa 300,000kWh of green electricity is used on site to power automatic livestock feeding and ventilation systems.


I would like to express our thanks to the team at Boston Renewables for completion of this successful project. We had some difficult times initially when our planning application was rejected but Boston Renewables organised the necessary team to fight this and successfully win the appeal.
The installation went very smoothly and to timetable and we are now seeing the benefit of reduced energy costs for our business.

Denis Lockwood, Finance Director – Pitwherry Ltd