Steam & Moorland

Customer: Steam & Moorland
Existing on site use: 165,000 kWh P/A
Renewable Generation: 26,500 kWh P/A
Reduction in grid supplied electricity: 16%
Tonnes of CO2 saved: 1.5t P/A

The Steam and Moorland Garden Centre is a thriving, family-run business supplying a wide range of garden, home and outdoor-living goods, extensive garden
machinery sales and service department and the newly built Engine Shed Restaurant which is now a popular destination and events venue.

The growth in popularity and the new, energy-efficient ground source heating system have resulted in a significant increase in the electricity use which is now up to
165,000kWh per year.

Install 30kWp of solar PV on the machinery workshop and warehouse roof. The system was designed to allow maximum use of own generation while matching the limits of the existing electrical distribution equipment and to preserve as much natural light from roof lights as possible.

Boston Renewables are a Carbon Trust accredited solar PV installer and were able to help with an application to the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund. This scheme helps SME’s get advice and financial help on appropriate energy saving measures. The award they received helped offset part of the capital cost and means they can now expect a return on their investment of up to 21% and a PV system that will pay for itself in 4.5 years.


We were keen not to disrupt our busy operations and customers during the installation. The Boston Renewables team took great care to ensure that this was completed with care and efficiency.

The Green Business Fund Award was a real bonus and we are grateful to Boston Renewables for bringing it to our attention and helping with the application.