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The Ice Co.

Customer:The Ice Co.
Existing on site use:5,820MWh P/A
Renewable Generation:350,000kWh P/A
Reduction in grid supplied electricity:6%
Tonnes of CO2 saved:190 T P/A

Sister companies The Ice Co and The Ice Co Storage & Logistics are leaders within the frozen food industry; The Ice Co is the UK’s No1 Ice Brand, producing 1000’s of tonnes of ice every year primarily under the Party Ice brand and The Ice Co Storage & Logistics providing over 55,000 pallets of temperature-controlled storage and a logistics network to some of the UK’s most loved food brands.


Not only the making and storing ice, but storage of all third-party products within The Ice Co Storage & Logistics customer base comes with the large overhead of electricity. At two of the Coldstore sites, Preston and Wallsend, annual electricity consumption was monitored and although not possible to completely offset with the onsite generation, both sites were assessed for renewable energy generation because every little help’s make a big difference.


Towards the end of 2018, the decision was taken to max out the cold store roof areas with solar PV modules. Electricity Northwest and Northern Powergrid were consulted and connection agreements were secured for 200kW arrays at each site. These were installed in the first quarter of 2019 and subsequently registered with Ofgem for receipt of Feed-in Tariff.


The Ice Co and The Ice Co Storage & Logistics have welcomed the opportunity to expand its commitment to onsite renewable energy generation. Boston Renewables provided us with a seamless service in the design and delivery of the solar arrays and we have been delighted with everything they have done for us.

We have had a wind turbine and solar pv running at South Kirby since 2010 and so to add solar PV to our Preston and Wallsend sites made perfect sense. Electricity is a large cost and we are keen to further reduce our environmental impact with green solutions and the help from Boston Renewables. So the more we can do, the better.

Philip Marr – Director, The Ice Co.