The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard Regulations (MEES) make it unlawful from April 2018 to let buildings in England and Wales which do not achieve a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of band ‘E’. As poor energy performance is not limited to old or obsolete buildings, MEES have significant impacts for landlords and property advisors throughout the UK’s commercial property sector.

The gravitas of MEES has the potential to put a significant dent in the rent role of property letting companies. To ignore MEES is not only to risk suffering falls in revenue, but also potentially risk unwelcome cost hikes from empty rates and increased insurance costs.

For the vast majority of commercial buildings falling into EPC band E or below there is an easy fix to escape the grip of MEES. The fix comes in the form of Solar PV. A Solar PV array installed today will typically yield a 15% return and a levillised cost of electricity below 4p / kWh. Buildings using Solar PV to mitigate for MEES will be unable to claim Feed in Tariff (FIT). However, this is a minor issue as the electricity generated by the PV array is able to be sold back to tenants at a profit that exceeds the FIT!

So, good news all round for landlords caught by MEES: install Solar PV to become legally lettable, secure and enhance existing rent roles, avoid potentially penal costs and improve a building’s environmental and sustainability credentials.

Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining!!

At Boston Renewables we provide a turnkey service for the development of Solar PV arrays. No obligation site surveys and quotes kick off the process that will lead you to a cleaner, greener and more profitable future. Visit us at or call us on 01482-679757. We look forward to mopping the brows of MEES stressed property owners!!