The Energyst reported last week that installed UK solar capacity hit 11.5GW in December 2016, up 19% for the year. For reference, in December 2011 total UK solar PV capacity stood at 750MW. This demonstrates the commitment of the commercial sector and the Government to improving the generation of electricity through renewable energy.


There have been a lot of myths about the Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) and solar being dead in the water but FIT is very much still available for solar PV installations.  The truth is that many businesses across the UK can benefit hugely from investing in Solar PV. With ROI’s in the region of 15% and levelised cost of energy generated sub 3p /kWh (dependent on ease of installation, percentage of onsite use and current cost of electricity) the figures are very compelling. Add to this the benefits of improved energy independence, reduced energy overhead and enhanced green credentials and solar is a long way from being over.


Boston Renewables have been at the forefront of the drive to promote renewable technologies to businesses within Yorkshire and further afield in the UK. We provide a turnkey service for the design, planning, installation and maintenance of solar PV arrays and wind turbines. In addition, we offer bespoke energy storage schemes for businesses to benefit from Demand Side Response revenues and reduce peak time electricity prices and Triad payments. Boston Renewables would be delighted to visit your business and provide a free consultation to help aid your understanding of the power of renewables.

To start a conversation give us a call on 01482 679757 and let us show you how renewables and energy storage can help your business substantially reduce its energy overhead and improve its green credentials.