Sir John Armitt, the former chief of Network Rail who has previously backed nuclear energy, has recently agreed in a BBC website article that renewable energy is the future.

“We believe that by 2050 we could have probably 70% to 80% of our energy coming from renewables at no more cost than a nuclear programme,” Sir John said. “Cost reductions were more likely from renewables rather than nuclear,” he added. “Britain plans to build a new fleet of nuclear plants to replace ageing coal and nuclear reactors set to close in the 2020s as well as to help cut the country’s carbon emissions. However, private investors have proved reluctant to take on the huge costs of new nuclear plants.”

Roger Harrabin, the BBC Environmental Analyst continues:

“Renewables can supply at least half the UK’s energy generating capacity by 2030, but only if ministers offer more support to renewables now. That’s the message from the first official assessment of national infrastructure needs up to 2050. Critics say the report sounds ambitious but actually leaves the UK short of climate targets already agreed. The National Infrastructure Commission says investment in the UK must respond to a heating climate. It urges a mass programme of home insulation to save energy, and more investment to combat droughts, especially in the south east.”

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