Future Energy Workshop

Boston Renewables Offices
Norwood House
HU17 9ET

When: 16th February 2017
Time: 7:45am start


We are delighted to invite you to a new type of interactive workshop based around the topic of “Future Energy”.

The morning event will provide you with a great opportunity to speak to like-minded people and expand your own contacts and networks. You will be able to meet all our key speakers and everyone is invited to take part in the interactive session.



“Future Energy” has been designed to take away all the myths and mysteries of the UK electricity market, electricity bills and also renewable technology itself. The workshop provides a highly transparent and informative approach designed to have a number of key “takeaways” for all attendees. The ultimate aim of the workshop is to help all understand where cost savings, efficiencies and also opportunities to implement some new renewable and low-carbon technology can be made within their own business.



7:45am – Arrival, Tea/Coffee and Breakfast Rolls

Changes to the UK Energy Market – Ameresco
Understanding your Electricity bill – Adam Franks, IM Energy
Opportunities to take control – John Hudson, Boston Renewables



  1. Changes to the UK Energy Market – Ameresco

The UK is undergoing uncertain times in relation to its energy supply, we have seen oil prices continue to rise and there is volatility in the electricity market. There is also pressure on the Government to meet its Paris Agreement requirements of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Rising energy costs can only mean one thing – a negative impact on the bottom line and costs being ultimately passed on to suppliers, wholesalers and ultimately the end consumer. The greater costs go up the less they will have to spend on your products ultimately reducing volumes, margins and income. By learning what is going on in the UK Energy market, and how it will affect your business will allow you to take this crucial strategic insight away and use for your own benefit and being able to act earlier than you might have potentially saving costs.


  1. Understanding Your Electricity Bill – Adam Franks (IM Energy)

Research has shown that many businesses do not have a full appreciation of their electricity bills, and therefore do not realise where easy savings can be made and thus pay more than they should, money that could actually retained by the business and added to the bottom line or invested elsewhere. Through a full understanding of your electricity bill as well as finding out where potentially significant cost savings can be made, this workshop can make a real difference to your business’ bottom line.


  1. Opportunities to take control – John Hudson (Boston Renewables)

Renewable and low-carbon technology has really evolved significantly over the last couple of years. This workshop will highlight some very important new solutions that could provide your business with a more energy efficient approach, lower carbon footprint and tangible cost savings. Whilst renewables may have a somewhat tarnished reputation with some business leaders due to poor Solar PV installations in the past, the new emerging renewables and low-carbon technologies have been designed to ensure that only companies with the right technical credentials can provide an installation. This workshop will provide examples of technologies that are available today that can transform your business and be installed by credible suppliers who are there to support your business.


Workshop: Bring your electricity bill with you and have it analysed by the experts

The interactive workshop is intended to provide a highly visible and transparent approach. We invite all attendees to bring their company’s energy bill and our experts will analyse it and advise you where cost savings may be found. The learnings from this will help you understand what you can do to save money on your electricity bill, and will leave a lasting impact.


Networking –  Following the workshop there will be an opportunity to network.


Confirm Your Attendance

 As we expect a high number of attendees, please confirm your attendance at your earliest convenience to: letitiafowler@bostonair.co.uk or give Boston Renewables a call on 01482 679757.

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