Just 1 per cent of the public are “strongly opposed” to renewable energy, according to a new Government survey that was reported in the Independent earlier this month.

“The poll found a further 4 per cent were simply “opposed” to solar, wind and other such forms of electricity generation, but both groups were massively outnumbered by supporters of renewables. Some 79 per cent said they were in favour of clean and green energy and close to 71 per cent said they were “very or fairly concerned” by climate change. Mark Sommerfeld, policy analyst at the Renewable Energy Association, said the survey “demonstrates that the nation remains resolutely in favour of renewable energy”.

Government support for solar and wind remains available to newcomers of renewable energy development. This support, coupled with the combination of electricity price inflation and reduced capital costs of installations means that investment returns today are as good, or even better, than they were at the height of the Feed in Tariff era. The time is right now for businesses to look closely at their electricity spend and look again at the benefits of on site generation of green power. For SME’s the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund offers very worthwhile grants for energy efficiency projects. The grants are easy to claim and do not affect the receipt of FITs. Throughout commerce there is an ever increasing awareness around energy efficiency and the need to ‘green up’ supply chains. The targets might seem high but the solutions are not only easy but cost effective as well.


Here at Boston Renewables we offer a turnkey service for the design, installation and maintenance of solar pv arrays, wind turbines and battery storage units. As Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers we have access to the Green Business Fund and we promise to make every business’s journey to a low carbon future both economic and hassle free.