Last week, Landsec published data from the first year of operation of its solar PV array at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds.

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Every aspect of what Landsec have done at White Rose, and their thoughts towards battery storage, are a role model for the whole of the UK’s business sector. Landsec is at the forefront of commercial property ownership and management in the UK and their positive attitude to solar PV and the emerging battery storage market are to be adhered to.

Solar PV is undoubtedly the ‘go-to’ technology for renewable energy generation in Britain. As capex costs for solar PV have tumbled and electricity prices have continued to rise, so the financial returns for solar PV have become better and better.

Here at Boston Renewables, we applaud those companies that have seen the light with solar PV. Subsidies for solar PV are yesterday’s news. The industry does not need them, indeed it is better without! Gone are the headaches of Ofgem rules and tortuous deadlines. A new world is being ushered in for solar PV and Landsec continues to blaze the trail.

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