Members of the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) yesterday criticised the Government for “relying on past successes” towards tackling climate change, after a damming report revealed that clean energy investment in the UK fell by 56% last year.

There is no doubting the success of the Feed in Tariff (FIT) and Renewables Obligation (RO) systems in kick starting the UK’s move to a carbon free economy. Renewable electricity generation from Solar PV and Wind today makes up over a third of our power needs.

FIT & RO have primed the pump and a robust network of knowledge, supply chain capacity and development capability now exists in the UK’s renewable energy sector.

With the RO now closed and FITs concluding at the end of Q1 2019 we must all welcome the new era of subsidy free renewable energy development. Gone will be the endless treadmill of Ofgem deadlines, policy tedium and the money sharks biting chunks out of every proposal. The value in a renewable energy development will be in the electricity it generates and not in the subsidy.

Electricity price inflation has taken a real hold this year and is set to continue with industry estimates varying wildly between 5 and 20% per annum. Help is at hand, however. Solar PV returns without FIT are now IRO 15% with levelised costs of energy sub 3p per unit. These are indeed compelling figures and for high energy users Solar PV offers a very low risk solution to fighting electricity price inflation.

Here at Boston Renewables we are fully in support of an end to subsidy. Renewable energy generation can now stand on its own feet and we must all look forward to a cleaner, greener and more economic world; let the good times roll!!

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