Today’s enshrining in the law of our Net Zero 2050 target is truly commendable.

Recent events at Westminster have left even our most influential political commentators dumbfounded as the Brexit has become ever more unfathomable.

However, just as the public’s confidence in their politicians was hitting rock bottom, a stroke of Chris Skidmore’s pen has given reason for hope!

Net Zero 2050 is a massive undertaking. We will all have to change habits, become more environmentally conscious and ‘do our bit’ for our wonderful planet.

At Boston Renewables we have never pedalled our wears on the environment ticket. Our focus has always been to offer impartial advice and deliver renewable energy developments that make financial sense. Our job today is no different to the one it has always been, renewable energy projects have to pass the FD’s scrutiny. Subsidies have been necessary to kick start our industry and now they’re gone we have one less thing to worry about – Solar PV does not need a subsidy to be viable.

Our message at Boston Renewables is a clear one: Embrace Net Zero 2050, invest in solar PV to secure a more economic energy supply to your business and ‘do your bit’ for planet earth at the same time!

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