Results from surveys such as the one Mitie have recently published are both encouraging and worrying at the same time.
On the one hand, the number of businesses striving to do their bit to address climate change is laudable. However, on the other, the inability of businesses to bring net-zero polices to fruition is problematic.

It is no surprise that a knowledge gap exists around sustainability is many businesses. The climate change issue, whilst not a new one, has spiked in importance over a short period of time. Business employees are pulled out with their day jobs and too few are sufficiently trained or resourced to make net-zero a reality.
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Survey: Lack of know-how hampering net-zero progress from businesses

“Evermore UK businesses are targeting net-zero by, or ahead of, the Government’s 2050 deadline. But half of businesses with net-zero targets are struggling to plan to deliver against them, a new survey has found.

Conducted by facilities management and professional services giant Mitie, the survey asked representatives from 500 businesses of all sizes and sectors about their organisations’ carbon reduction plans.

Promisingly, more than one-third (36%) said their firm either has a net-zero strategy or is planning to develop one.

But, of this cohort, almost half (47%) said they have not begun to develop a plan. When asked what the biggest barriers are to developing – and delivering against – a net-zero plan, common answers included a lack of time or resources and a lack of in-house expertise.” [Read more here]

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