The current spell of sunny weather has brought the power of renewable electricity generation, and in particular solar PV to the fore.

Much of the recent media has carried articles highlighting the power of renewable electricity generation. The provision of cheap, green and sustainable power remains the Holy Grail for us all and so to see records being broken is immensely encouraging to say the least!

Adam Vaughan wrote in last Saturday’s Guardian that “last week was a glimpse into the future, of how energy provision will look in 13 years’ time because of binding carbon targets.”

Adam Vaughan continued, “On what one grid manager called “stunning Sunday”, the carbon intensity of producing power – a key measure of progress towards climate goals – dropped below the “magic number” of 100g of CO2 per kilowatt hour for the first time. That’s the level that must be the norm by 2030, according to the government’s climate advisers. Yet last Sunday was just one of a run of striking records for renewable power in Britain that pose profound questions for conventional generators and the companies which manage power grids. On one Friday in May, solar power briefly eclipsed the UK’s eight nuclear power stations. The grid recently went without coal for an entire day for the first time, and this dirty fuel is now regularly absent from power supply for hours at a time.”

Boston Renewables welcomes this news and urges more businesses to review their future energy strategies. The message is to act ahead of predicted electricity price inflation, benefit from greatly reduced capital costs of solar and where possible embrace the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund.

Here at Boston Renewables we offer a turnkey service for the design, installation and maintenance of solar pv arrays,  onshore wind turbines and battery storage units. As Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers we have access to the Green Business Fund and we promise to make every business’s journey to a low carbon future both economic and hassle free.