Yesterday’s news from the BBC really does put ‘the key in the door’ for the renewable electricity generation.

Colossal investments in what have been the emerging technologies of solar pv and wind have now borne fruit. Fossil fuels are finally on the back foot.

This is great news for us all, our precious planet and more importantly, for the future generations to come. A child born of today’s toddler generation is unlikely to ever use a petrol pump and most certainly will not make their morning toast from dirty electricity!

Macro thoughts such as these are comforting, but it’s the here and now that matters more.

Whilst offshore wind farms will continue to grow across the globe, providing the backbone of new renewable generation, it is solar pv that offers us all as individuals the opportunity to ‘do our bit’.

A solar array installed today will generate green electricity at a 70% discount to current market prices. The array will have a lifespan of at least 25 years and so will provide astonishing value far beyond most of our determinable horizons.

Solar pv is quick and easy to install, has no moving parts, emits no noise or pollution and is simple to maintain.

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