As a new year rumbles in, it is refreshing to put Brexit to one side and focus on the Environment.

With the Chancellor planning to bring environmental issues to the fore in 2020 (read more here) it is incumbent upon all sectors of commerce to embrace the carbon-neutral goal.

Renewable electricity generation has enjoyed the ‘pump prime’ of the feed-in tariff and no longer needs largesse from No.11 to make it viable.

New Solar PV installations, in particular, are financially robust without support. Solar PV offers an easy and cost-effective way for commercial users of electricity to contribute to national carbon reduction targets consequently putting a focus on the environment. A Solar PV array installed today will not only generate green power at a 70% discount to grid-supplied energy but also make a significant green statement for any business.

Boston Renewables offer a free service for no obligation site surveys for solar PV developments. We are here to help, advise and encourage all businesses to join the environmental revolution. 

So drop an email to and let us do the rest – together we will make 2020 an environmental and financial success!

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