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Battery Storage

Battery storage can provide a number of benefits:

  • Reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the National Grid
  • Avoid peak time electricity tariffs
  • Import low cost power
  • Create additional diversified revenue
  • Facilitate electric vehicle charging
  • Mitigate against ‘brown out’

Battery storage units enable the dynamic use of electricity to not only save you money, but also create additional income.

Savings on electricity bills are achieved by load shifting. This is where a battery will supply power to your site at times of high tariff. Batteries can either take in surplus electricity from onsite renewable generation, or from the grid during the night. This power is then available for use during the morning and afternoon peak time pricing periods.

Additional revenue is generated by a battery providing frequency response services to the grid. Frequency response is the seamless taking in and giving back of electricity to the grid. A battery is assigned pre agreed times of day to provide the service to the grid, and it return you will receive income for providing the service.

Batteries are also suitable for use as uninterrupted power supplies. In areas where the grid network is weak and ‘brown outs’ occur, a battery can be very effective at mitigating against the cost of lost production due to power failure.

We work in partnership with Connected Energy in the delivery and maintenance of battery storage units. Connected Energy have a unique offering in the use of second-life electric vehicle batteries for commercial energy use and their systems are a prime example of a circular economy in action.