The uptake of electric┬ávehicles is being backed by evermore innovations in the motor industry. Technology leads the battle against ‘range anxiety’ where on-board electronics can help the driver plan his/her route and recharge regime.

Alongside this there is a need to increase the number of charge stations so that the uptake can be supported. Whilst the range of a typical EV is somewhat limited when compared to a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle, the opportunities to create charging points to assist EV drivers are varied and widespread. Homes, offices, retail venues, hospitality venues, public car parks, in fact almost anywhere where a white lined box exists!

Like the clever technology within EVs, charging technology also exists to balance the charging needs against power availability. We will also soon see bi-directional charge / discharge, where EVs become a source of back-up power, supporting the grid.

If you also believe in supporting this low carbon technology, talk to us about the infrastructure and technology available. You could look forward to proudly adding the term ‘Charge Point Operator’ to your services and might well be increasingly thanked by a growing number of your visitors.