Voltage Optimisation (VO) offers a highly cost-effective way to both reduce electricity consumption and extend the longevity of electrical plant. In the UK, electricity is supplied to the end user at an average of 242 volts and on many sites, this figure increases to 250 volts and above. The majority of electrical equipment, however, is designed to operate at 220 volts and so if the incoming electricity supply to a site can be reduced to as near to 220 volts as possible there will be a reduction in the quantity of electricity purchased.

Electrical equipment running on a high voltage supply is being overpowered and typically runs at a higher temperature than it was designed to operate at. This has the effect of shortening the design life of most electrical equipment.

The dual benefits of Voltage Optimisation are reduced electricity bills and extending the life of electrical plant. Whilst quantifying the extended life of electrical plant operated under VO is not an exact science the reduction in electricity use is and savings up to 25% per annum are achievable.

Voltage Optimisation technologies are now well established and at their hearts are electrical transformers. Electrical transformers have no moving parts, are quick to install and have design lives in the region of 50 years.

There is a VO system to meet virtually every situation and with guaranteed energy savings and a range of flexible finance solutions, there is now no reason not to include VO on every site where a reduced energy overhead is desirable.

Boston Renewables are one of East Yorkshires leading Voltage Optimisation (VO) Companies. We deploy VO solutions for many businesses in the region, helping to save them money and improve efficiency.