“The cry for survival comes from the planet itself.” – President Joe Biden, 20th January 2021

The news this week of America’s return to the Paris Climate Change Agreement brings a welcome reversal to the blatant ignorance of the Trump era.

‘The cry for survival comes from the planet itself’ were words spoken this week by Joe Biden in his inauguration speech. Profound words indeed and ones for us all to heed.

The scientific evidence behind global warming is unquestionable. The Earth’s surface temperature is rising, glaciers are receding and ever more extreme weather events are being unleashed at all latitudes.

What is questionable is whether we humans are solely responsible for the changes or are we simply experiencing a naturally occurring cycle in our climate. The debate on this could rage forever with the true answer never being known. It might also never be known until it is too late and this is the nub of the issue.

Our scientific community has provided a myriad of data to support carbon emission reduction as being central to slowing the rise in surface temperatures, regardless of the political debate.

It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprints and we need to do it at the same time as continuing discussion on climate change.

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