It was great to read Richard Branson’s recent article that extolled the virtues of renewable energy development, and particularly that of Solar PV.

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Across the globe, businesses, individuals, public bodies, in fact, all entities are focusing on Solar PV as the go-to medium for low-cost renewable electricity generation.

Here in the UK, Solar PV has been enthusiastically bought into since the Feed In Tariff (FIT) subsidies started back in April 2007. Eleven years on and Solar PV now accounts for over 15% of our nations annual energy generation.

Happily, for us all, the subsidy mechanism is soon to close (no one likes public money being used to make the wealthy more wealthy) and with its closure, the new world of subsidy-free renewable energy generation will begin.

Capex for solar has halved and electricity prices have doubled since the start of FITs and so now you can generate beautiful, carbon free juice for a fraction of its open market value.

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Whilst doing so, have in your mind the words of Richard Branson:

“It’s heartening to see California stepping up and acting as the catalyst for change. It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to think of a world powered by renewable energy and it is fast becoming necessary.”