The hot weather saw solar briefly take over from gas as the number one energy source.

Adam Vaughan from the Guardian on 2nd July said “Britain’s heatwave has helped break several solar power-generation records, and over the weekend the renewable energy source briefly eclipsed gas power stations as the UK’s top source of electricity.”.

“Solar broke the record for weekly output between 21 and 28 June, producing 533 gigawatt hours of power.”

“During that period, solar generated more than 75GWh on five of the seven days, another record. In a first, solar output also hit more than 8GW for eight consecutive days.”

A decade ago, solar contributed almost nothing to UK electricity supplies.

Duncan Burt, director of system operations at National Grid, said: “During the past 12 months alone, we have seen renewable generation records broken and we expect this trend to continue, as technology advances and we find new ways to accommodate and manage more wind and solar power on our network.”

For about an hour on Saturday afternoon, solar panels across the country’s rooftops and fields were the number one source of electricity, with a share of more than 27%.

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