Record Share of UK Power – Liam Stoker reporter for Current news website said on 2nd January 2019 that “Renewables provided almost one-third of total power output in the UK during Q3 2018, a record high for that period of the year, boosted by the summer’s heatwave and high wind speeds. That performance also lifted the total share of power from low carbon sources to 56%, another record high for Q3, however this was also aided by a reduction in total power output to 75.3TWh. Furthermore, it was the second successive quarter that the country’s renewables output set a new record, having previously witnessed renewables’ share rise to 31.7% in Q2.”

“The figures were released in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s energy trends, published towards the end of last year. That document pointed towards wind and solar generation standing 11% higher than in the corresponding period in 2017. The summer heatwave was particularly favourable for solar PV, with average daily sun hours up 26% year-on-year.”

Nina Skorupska, chief executive at the Renewable Energy Association, described the feat as “fantastic news for the industry”. “Breaking the record for renewables share of electricity twice in one year is testament to the [energy] minister’s words that the trilemma is over and cheap power is now green power,” she said.

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